Kalibrr: Road to RubyConf Indonesia 2019

Fadli | 19 SEP 2019

Road to RubyConfID event was really so exciting, meet and greet with great people like Cookpad CTO, Didik Wicaksono and Giovanni Sakti, a System Engineer on Gojek, one of the best startup company in Indonesia (don’t worry PinterUsaha will become one of them too, just wait) and certainly group of ruby geeks from RubyID.

Didik Wicaksono as CTO Cookpad talk a lot how easy ruby is and how to take advantage of it to fill your wallet. Didik show us ruby simple code like Integer#next, Integer#positive?, Integer#negative? to prove that ruby is simple and easy. He also show us how to write High Order Function in such a short code. For Didik, this is ruby advantages so that you can easily make money even people say that ruby is slow. Although lots of people that way but its still worth it for you guys to learn it. Ruby can help you to fasten your development, you can show your products faster to get your idea funded.

Giovanni on the other hands rejects if people think that ruby is slow. On his talks, he explain that ruby is not that slow to avoid, in fact ruby can be fast if you can tweak some factor. He explains, that in real world development, language factor is about number 4 or five that makes your apps slow. He explains that the most important thing on apps, especially web apps is network. Its all wasted if you have fast app but you have slow server. Then the second one is IO matters, like how fast your DB server, your queries, or maybe your server disks. Its all gone to waste if you use fast language and all but this thing cant be improved. Then on third factor, is all about what framework you use. It cant be helped that Web Apps Frameworks this day is so heavy because they need lots of feature to fasten others development. Giovanni insist that actually, you can remove some framework features to make your apps faster. Well actually as a writer I am agree with that.

I’m not fans of a language like that, but I enjoy when I see people arguing LOL. Well, Giovanni say, the best people that should talk about this is Akira Matsuda, a “Ruby Hero”. He will attend RubyConfID this year as a speaker. To some of you that excited to join this event you can learn more on this link

This event is not really that long, but it really is exciting to see people arguing LOL.

Thanks for Kalibrr and TierSpace co-working space to make this event happen.

Well, see you on my next story.


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